Should we continue to Breed?


Let's be honest, the economic climate has affected many of us, I love having foals every year and in recent years they have been in great demand but this year i have had two buyers needing to back out of the deal for no other reason than the state of the country so in future I want to be certain that there are homes wanting them so i think for the next couple of years i will breed fewer foals.  Tell me if you want one and i will breed it to order, otherwise the mares can do some work, it will do their figures the world of good.

I really adore the wonderful colour of cream horses, particularly perlinos which seem so rare in this country so am hoping to breed a couple of cream foals from Cherry probably to keep.  They in turn may breed me some nice buckskins so time will tell.

MY vet is boldly doing his best to get her in foal to the cremello Warmblood stallion Crown's Wonder Pearl via AI.  I am new to this and am finding it quite nerve wracking but fingers crossed for a cream foal next year.  As the stallion is homozygous agouti any foal could potentially produce buckskins, certainly it cannot be smokey cream so will be useful for breeding dilute colours.

Cherry has recently been confirmed in foal so fingers crossed that all goes well!


 I still love my coloured cobs but personally like less white on them so Ellerbeck Opal, a pretty little filly with more black than white on her, who is out of a Fell pony and by a gypsy pony is part of my future plans.  I would like to breed a foal or two out of her by Freedom they should be tidy sorts and very neat with good colour and correct  pony conformation.

Update.  Opal seems to now be in foal for a 2010 foal, I am willing to agree the sale of this foal in advance of birth, just mail to discuss options.


Make your own Foal!

 There is nothing quite like having foals around and I would love to continue breeding but I fear, at present, finding suitable homes for what I breed could be difficult so I expect I will be restricting the numbers.  I would, however, be happy to breed-to-order if a home is ready and waiting.  If you like my mares and fancy a foal from one i will willingly produce it at a reasonable cost, just ensure you can offer it a  secure future!  Get in touch and we can discuss it, you can even choose your own stallion if you prefer.


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