Ellerbeck Witchcraft

out of Moonstone and by Ellerbeck Freedom 

born 6th July 2009

At last! Moonstone has foaled a lovely filly.  She is minimally marked and looks like being very black with white legs and tail, very pretty head and amazing bone in such a tiny foal. 

Boy am i pleased with this one, definitely worth the wait, already two people have mentioned that they would be interested if I decide to sell her.  Early days yet, perhaps an offer in a couple of months time would tempt me though.

Spring 2010

Witchcraft is such a character, she is still with mum in the hopes her contiinuing sucking will keep the weight off Moonstone but I must get her and Chintz in and handled more.  

(done that now, very quiet)

2011 Now sold to a lovely home along with her brothers, Windblown and Gunsmoke.

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