Ellerbeck Chintz 

 filly born 26th May 2009

Out of Cherry and by Ellerbeck Freedom

Above was taken 24th June 09 so nearly one month old and bulking up nicely.  She is very friendly and laid back.

I think she is smokey black tobiano but at present she looks like a dark buckskin tobiano and is a really gorgeous colour.  At birth she was so refined and delicate compared to the great big cob foals but the way she has suckled has made her grow very fast and she is catching up all the others though being out of Cherry will be a more refined type.  She must of course be carrying a cream gene.

As i have just splashed out and bought a couple of Quarter Horse fillies I am willing to sell Chintz (at present, though she is very appealing and could be a keeper if she plays her cards right.)


 Wow Chintz is growing into something fantastic, now she is casting into the blackest of blacks, presumably this is something smokey blacks do?  Isn't she growing well?


The pictures below were taken 2nd August 2009

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