It all began by accident really


Many years ago a small black, welsh type pony, called Midnight produced a roly poly foal, sired by a strong Gypsy cob, which so resembled a treacle barrel that she was indeed named Treacle.  Treacle was a great character, never grew very high but was a true miniature cob, she had many foals and one, Ellerbeck Swallow was kept as a trekking pony...........


 Ellerbeck Swallow was particularly nicely marked.  This is her pictured above.  She was foaled in 1980 and she is still going strong.  She has taught numerous people how to ride and also produced several foals....  I have now given her away to a great home along with her daughter Mystery but they are close by and i can see them regularly

Ellerbeck Mystery who was by a lovely Dales stallion and bred Ellerbeck Mulberry

Another of Swallow's foals Ellerbeck Feather (above aged 20) also joined the herd that was developing and bred Ellerbeck Tonto before being sold to a neighbour.  Many years later she was given back and has since bred several foals, Ellerbeck Freedom (who is now father of several foals himself), Ellerbeck Foxglove, Ellerbeck Pharoah and Ellerbeck Fabian. 

Swallow also bred Ellerbeck Classic another gorgeous gelding..................................................

 and Ellerbeck Aztec who is still with us.  This is him above when he was very small.  He was sired by a thoroughbred, Northern Legend from Crackenthorpe stud.

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