We are a small, private, hobby stud based in the north east of Cumbria which is close to the border of Scotland in the north of England. We breed a few coloured cobs most years and try our best to find great homes for them all. 

Many of our horses have been carefully bred over several generations with great emphasis being put on temperament and toughness and ability to work sensibly and willingly all day if needbe.  They are a mix of tough native breeds with a lot of Dales, Fell and, of course, gypsy type coloured horses with a smattering of Welsh pony here and there and over several decades we have arrived at a type of horse which seems to suit many people particularly for pleasure riding and as family friends.  They are especially comfortable to ride, economical to run with decent feet and trainable temperaments.

Pictured here is Ellerbeck Gala with her first filly foal Ellerbeck Parade who now lives not far away with her new mum.  Parade tested homozygous for the tobiano pattern so perhaps one day she will have a coloured baby of her own, who knows.  Gala has produced four fillies so far, one is in America and three have been homozygous tobiano.  All four have been sired by John Wilf our lovely traditional stallion who is loaned to us most years by his owner Mrs Francis Hogg.



Please feel free to have a look through our site where you can find pictures and information about many of the horses we have bred and also any that may be looking for a good home. The links to other pages are to be found at the top of each page (I hope, been playing around with the webpage design so bear with me.) 


To contact us either e-mail catnaz@icloud.com

or telephone 01768 881632 the answerphone is always on

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